Bright Behaviour
Dog Behaviour Consultancy
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Changing Your Dogs Behaviour For The Better

I can help you improve your dogs behaviour and give you both a more peaceful and rewarding relationship

Excessive barking, fears & phobias, dog or people aggression, issues with people, problems with other dogs, walking on a lead, distructive chewing, digging and food issues. These are just a few examples of the unwanted behaviours that I can help you with.
  1. A mans best friend
    The relationship between a person and their dog should be one of the most rewarding. Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong and you just can't understand why Fido does what he does (or doesn't as the case may be!) and that's where I can help.
  2. Woof Woof
    Whilst I'm not Dr Doolittle and I can't actually talk dog I can understand what they're telling us by their behaviour. This means that I can tap into their natural instincts and help you to help them.
  3. Go fetch
    Dogs communicate fantastically well - just like us humans. The challenge is to translate what they're telling us and in turn tell them what we want in a language that they'll understand.